About Us

FoodStar is working on solutions to tackle some growing issues facing people in the United States.

Stewart Rudick Stuart Rudick
Social Impact Private Equity Investor Mindful Investors Fund
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Marketing and Technology Strategic Entrepreneur
Ron Clark Ron Clark
Produce Sourcing and Distribution Farm To Family - Executive Director
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Social Media, Videographer

Today in the United States, 64 billion pounds of surplus food is dumped into landfills annually. That’s equivalent to 2.6 million garbage truckloads of food waste being dumped every year.

Unproductive, wasteful and expensive.

47 million Americans suffer from food insecurity, uncertain about where their next meal will come from, or making poor nutritional choices.

The FoodStar strategy addresses both of these issues. We team up with retailers to redirect food in-store before it will be wasted. Through flash sale emails, shoppers are notified of limited-time produce sales events where they can buy at extreme savings.

After the event, any unsold perishables are directed to composting instead of landfills.